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Transforming Ordinary iPhone Photos into Extraordinary Ones with Advanced Photo Editing and Retouching Techniques

The De La Warr Centre in Bexhill is a historical and artistic gem. The architecture of the building is undeniably beautiful. However, rather than relying on my photo editing and retouching skills to improve the photo, I suggest that the Bexhill Council should prioritize repairing the broken globe lamps. Currently, three out of the six globes are damaged and have been so for a considerable amount of time

I can't blame them for the unwanted people in the image, though!

I wanted all the images to be square (I probably should have shot them that way in the first place!) so  I had to extend this one to the left and right. It also needed straightening and I removed a figure and his shadow to tidy the image up.

Similarly, for another photo, I had to square it up and extend the foreground. I also removed the pole and added a couple of Gulls for good measure!

For this final image, I straightened it and replaced the Gull with one that had a better profile. I also replaced the untidy beach and paving with more sea to provide a more pleasing panorama.


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